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Sociology Key Stage 5


In Sociology, all students develop a critical awareness of different societies. They also learn skills of analysis and evaluation. They are encouraged to challenge injustices and understand the experiences of all social groups. 

Curriculum Overview

Our aim is for students to develop key skills, including the ability to communicate written arguments, evaluate from a range of theoretical perspectives, apply sociological knowledge to contemporary examples and communicate effectively through discussion and debate. Students acquire knowledge and a critical understanding of sociological perspectives, concepts, studies and methods. They understand how this knowledge links to issues and events in contemporary society, focussing on justice and respect.  Students develop skills of questioning through critical analysis. 

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Sequencing, Setting and Support

Our curriculum is sequenced so that content from early topics is developed throughout the course. All topics link back to key theories, which are taught at the beginning of the course and built upon. 

We teach students in mixed ability groups. All students are supported to progress through the curriculum regardless of any barriers to learning. This includes the following support: 

  • Wider reading and super-curricular resources provided on Moodle to stretch and challenge students 
  • Structured support for writing longer essay questions (e.g. planning grids) 
  • Textbooks provided for all students 
  • Support plans in place for those who need specific targets  
  • Differentiated resources for students with SEN or EAL needs  
  • 1:1 support provided by Learning Mentor or 6th Form SEN where needed  

Alive Themes in Sociology

  • In Sociology, we focus on the Alive theme of ‘Diversity and choice’. This is explored through the following topics: 
  • Socialisation, culture and identity – promotes an understanding of diversity within society. 
  • Media – examines the media representations of a range of social groups.  
  • Inequalities – analyses social stratification from a variety of differing viewpoints and perspectives. 
  • Research methods – choosing the most effective approach to social research on a diversity of different social issues.  
  • Globalisation and Digital Social World – considering society from a global perspective. 
  • Crime and Deviance – understanding why and how different groups commit crime. 
  • We also develop the following themes throughout the course: 

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Assessment in Sociology

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Homework and how Parents/Carers Support Learning

All homework is set on Bromcom which is an app and website available to students and parents/carers. Further information is available on our Bromcom parents and carers support page.

These are the principles which underpin our homework.

Homework overview graphic

Useful Sociology Resources

Our Sociology Moodle page contains lots of useful subject resources.

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