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MFL (French, German and Spanish) Key Stage 5


Developing confident and competent communicators who demonstrate increasing intercultural awareness and are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.

Curriculum Overview

In MFL we want all students to cultivate an appreciation for Francophone/Germanic/Hispanic film and literature. By the end of Key Stage 5, students will have developed the ability to analyse texts and evaluate evidence in spoken and written work. We want students to read beyond the course content tso that they have a good knowledge of current affairs and trends in the Francophone/Germanic/Hispanic world. We aim for students to have a solid knowledge of phonics, vocabulary and complex grammar so that they are able to articulate their opinions and communicate proficiently in the target languages.  

Students will further develop their communication skills through the study of 12 units of work. These units of work build on the grammar, vocabulary, and phonics taught in KS4. The units of work cover Political, Cultural and Social aspects of the Francophone/Hispanic/Germanic world. They will also study a film and piece of literature in depth. Students will learn to analyse, justify opinions with well-researched evidence and debate effectively on a range of topics.    

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Sequencing, Setting and Support

Students are taught content in a logical manner; more familiar topics are studied in Year 12 e.g. Family in transition, and more complex topics e.g. Multiculturalism and Political issues are taught in Year 13. Grammar is taught in an incremental way, starting with a review of the basics from Key Stage 4 and building up complexity over the two year course. All key structures and grammar are recycled throughout the two year course.  

Students are taught in mixed ability groups and teachers know their students well to adapt resources so that all students can succeed to the best of their ability.  

Alive Themes in MFL (French, German and Spanish)

In MFL our ALIVE theme is We can communicate. We develop this throughout Key Stage 5 by teaching students how to understand listening and reading material across a range of different topics. We also give plenty of opportunity for students to develop and practise their writing and speaking skills through individual tasks, pair work, group work, and whole class activities. There are opportunities to take part in a local debating competition too. There are many other ALIVE themes threaded throughout our curriculum. Please see the ALIVE audit for more details. 

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Assessment in MFL (French, German and Spanish)

Students complete regular vocabulary learning assignments on Quizlet or Memrise and these are self-marking. At the end of each unit, students will complete an End of Unit test and practise one of their skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking). Mock Exams will take place twice a year, in which students complete summative assessments across the four skill areas (listening, reading, writing, speaking). There will also be timed essays in class and speaking stimulus card practice to help improve communication skills.  

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Homework and how Parents/Carers Support Learning

All homework is set on Bromcom which is an app and website available to students and parents/carers. Further information is available on our Bromcom parents and carers support page.

These are the principles which underpin our homework.

Homework overview graphic

Review and Reflect

  • Students are expected to complete weekly vocabulary learning on Quizlet or Memrise as part of their hour for an hour work.  

Revise and Retrieve

  • Exam style questions from Boost online resources (Listening, Reading, and Writing tasks) are set for homework.  

Read and Research

  • Students are expected to keep abreast of current affairs by reading foreign press and are encouraged to watch foreign series and films to help improve their cultural knowledge and listening skills. All students must research an aspect of the Francophone/Germanic/Hispanic world which interests them. This is a year-long project in preparation for the Speaking Exam in Year 13.  

Parents can support their child with MFL homework by testing them on vocabulary after they have completed the vocabulary learning homework. Parents can also listen to their child practise their Year 13 speaking exam presentation.  

Useful French, German and Spanish Resources

All resources to support learning can be found on the relevant year’s Moodle page.

The following websites are used by students for vocabulary learning:




There are also free websites to help students practise grammar and listening skills: 


Lyrics Training  

The class teacher will provide students with a comprehensive guide to useful websites at the beginning of the year.

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