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Physical Education Key Stage 5


In PE we are facilitating our young people to flourish in their physical ability and cognitive development. We enable development in their social interactions as well as ensuring that all our young people understand how to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. This ensures that in PE students can be ‘fully alive.

Curriculum Overview

Overall, the sequencing in A-level PE revolves around the examination papers. Year 12 is focused around the paper 1 content and Year 13 paper 2. This means that all topics that are linked are taught together. This makes it easier to make the links between topics. The only exceptions are some of the sports psychology units in Year 12. This is done to allow students to complete their written coursework in Year 12.

There is no setting in KS5 PE.

Teachers will use a range of different teaching techniques to ensure all students can progress. Students will be supported in the their practical element to make sure that no matter what their activity they will be able to gain good marks.

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Sequencing, Setting and Support


Alive Themes in Physical Education

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Assessment in Physical Education

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Homework and how Parents/Carers Support Learning

All homework is set on Bromcom which is an app and website available to students and parents/carers. Further information is available on our Bromcom parents and carers support page.

These are the principles which underpin our homework.

Homework overview graphic

In PE homework will mainly be set up using the EverLearner platform. All students will be given a log on at the start of the course. Here we set tasks and assessments with instant feedback. This allows students to revise and retrieve knowledge and skills from previous lessons. We can also set pre-learning tasks to help students gain knowledge through instructional videos and tasks. This helps prepare students for future lessons. Finally, homework may involve reviewing test scores, teacher feedback or classroom work. Allowing students to continually improve their work.

To support students with their homework, it is helpful to check that they have completed the EverLearner tasks. Also, performing knowledge recall tasks such as quizzing and flash cards are really useful for the large amount of knowledge students have to recall in PE.

Useful Physical Education Resources

The Everlearner homework and revision platform

AQA A-level PE specification

AQA A-level Past papers


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