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Our online calendars (links below) contain the most up-to date information. Events with an * asterisk indicate diary entries that have been amended.

Calendar icon
Click to view our main calendar

For the Governor calendar click here

You can use the website search bar to find events in our main calendar.

Subscribe to our Calendars

For those of you who want to subscribe to the calendar(s) on your computer or mobile device please either: click on the following iCalendar links that will open and install the calendar in your default calendar application if supported, or copy and paste the iCalendar URL addresses provided into your calendar application if it supports iCalendar. For further support, please refer to the instructions provided by your email or calendar application and/or mobile device.

  • For the Main calendar click here
  • For the Governor calendar click here
  • The list of the iCalendar URL addresses here

Key Dates for Parents and Carers

Parents and Carers Key Dates Calendar 2023-24

As there is an element of necessary rescheduling of dates during the year, you should refer to the online calendars above for reliable calendar information.

Print Versions of the Calendar

Due to the necessary rescheduling of calendar dates we will not be producing download versions of the calendar. Please use the print options available on the online calendars for printouts of the calendar events. 

Contact us

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