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High quality pastoral care is central to our commitment to safe boundaries, good relationships and empowered learning. Upon joining the school, students are placed in mixed ability tutor groups within a Year Group system. They will remain with this tutor group throughout their time at SMRT. Students attend tutor time every morning from 8:30 – 9:00am and follow a carefully planned pastoral curriculum (see below), as well using this time to register and build relationships with their tutor and fellow tutees. There are several key roles within our pastoral system:


The tutor is the key point of contact for students and parents/carers. They are the consistent adult in students’ school lives and have a key role in offering support, guidance and structure for your children during the school day. If you/your child have any concerns, the tutor should typically be able to help. The tutor will make contact with parents/carers to discuss concerns regarding achievement, attendance, punctuality, behaviour or anything else that we need to work together to resolve. They will also be in touch to celebrate positives and achievements!

Deputy Head of Year

The Deputy Head of Year has a crucial role in supporting the Head of Year in leading the team of tutors to ensure the best possible pastoral care for our students. They hold specific responsibility for attendance as well as assisting the Head of Year in ensuring high standards in all aspects of school life.

Head of Year

The Head of Year holds overall pastoral responsibility for the Year group and leads the team of tutors, as well as the Deputy Head of Year. They are the next point of contact should tutors be unable to resolve any issues/concerns. The Head of Year is responsible for ensuring that all the necessary support is in place for every single student, whilst also upholding high standards of behaviour, uniform, attendance, punctuality and achievement.

Learning Mentor

Each year group has an attached learning mentor. They work with the Head of Year/Deputy Head of year as a key trusted adult for students in the year group, as well as providing short-term targeted support for individuals and/or small groups of students.

Key Contacts

Year Head of Year Deputy Head of Year Learning Mentor KS4 Raising Standards Lead
7 Mr N Freeman Mr B Halpin (interim) Miss K Anderson  
8 Miss A Ainsworth Mr T Fewell Miss E Rowe  
9 Miss C Sainsbury Mrs C Roberts Mr J Wallen  
10 Dr D Wilson Ms E Ford Miss B Lee Mrs J Jakubowska
11 Mr J Hare Mr M White Miss S Simms Mrs J Jakubowska

Pastoral Curriculum

All students follow a carefully planned pastoral curriculum to support their broader development. This includes acts of collective worship, literacy, oracy and current affairs. The curriculum is shaped to meet the needs of each year group and responds to emerging need when important issues arise.


Whilst our pastoral structure is driven by a ‘horizontal’ year group system, all students are also part of a ‘vertical’ House.  Students in Years 8-11 are placed in mixed-age Houses which drive a range of school competitions. Our Eucharist services also take place as a House. Our Houses are named after influential individuals with inspiring stories:  Muller (Year 7), Equiano, Franklin, Johnson and Liddell.


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