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We are keen to stay in touch with Alumni of Redcliffe Sixth Form and to support you in staying in contact with each other.

You can do this by signing up to our Alumni Network which is hosted by Future First.

Being part of this network doesn’t oblige you to offer any other support or engage in any other communication with the school, but if you wanted to it would always be welcome. We have always been keen to have ex-students in to the school to talk to current students, but the slight silver lining of Covid is that technology now means we are far more able to have remote interactions with people in varying areas of work from around the world, and would love to do more of this. We can also keep you up to date with the most important bits of news, and you can keep in touch with each other or make contact with ex-SMRT people in your areas of work if you want to.

For those who are willing and able to do so this platform also allows you to leave reviews and advice on the various universities, courses and areas of work you have gone on to for the benefit of current students.

You sign up to register here:

An instruction document is available here to guide you through the process (including highlighting all the bits of the system you are welcome to completely ignore!).

Contact us

St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple School
Somerset Square, Bristol, BS1 6RT

0117 3772100