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Safeguarding Team (Sixth Form)

Keeping students safe and protected from harm and harassment is our top priority in the Sixth Form. 

This relates to our Sixth Form  Learning Agreement which applies to all students and our additional Keeping Students Safe in Sixth Form document

Click here to see the Sixth Form safeguarding team. 

Fire safety

In the event of a fire at Sixth Form students exit via the nearest route at the front or rear of the building, including the fire exits at the bottom of the rear stairs or at the back of rooms 102 and 202. Students then assembly in the churchyard in teaching groups or by the monument if not in class. At main school assembly is on the Arena in a large Sixth Form group.  

Lockdown alarm bell

 If students hear the lockdown alarm bell this is when students need to go to the nearest classroom/office or stay where they are if they are already in a lesson. Staff will then provide further directions and will let students know when lockdown is over. Students then need to go to their tutor room to be registered. 

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