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History Key Stage 4


We want to help students understand their local, national and global circumstances through rigorous analysis of how the past has bought us here. 

Curriculum Overview

At KS4, we want students to develop the skills and substantive knowledge that allows them to make excellent progress in exams. Alongside this, we want them to cover a diverse range of time periods, peoples and places to broaden their understanding of local, national and global circumstances.

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Sequencing, Setting and Support

Students begin their study of GCSE History by building on knowledge that they acquired in Year 9. In Year 10, they cover the content for Paper 1 (Germany 1890-1945 and Conflict and Tension 1914-1918) and then cover the more challenging units of Paper 2 (Migration and Empire and Elizabethan England) in Year 11.  

Students are taught in mixed ability groups, which allows all students to access challenging content. 

Teachers know their students well and differentiate learning so every student can succeed to the best of their ability. This included providing sentence starters, offering information which requires a lower reading age, and offering 1-1 targeted support in lessons.  

Alive Themes in History

The Alive values are fed through our curriculum. We value justice and respect, and this is reflected in our choice of topics, which cover a diverse range of people and cultures and many of which focus on protest and the fight for equal rights. We also value trust and truth and strive to prevent misconceptions about the past through encouraging critical analysis of sources. We value diversity and our intent is that the curriculum reflects the needs and backgrounds of students in our school-specific context.  

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Assessment in History

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Students complete an assessment at the end of each unit of work. Their score is then converted into a current working grade.  

Homework and how Parents/Carers Support Learning

All homework is set on Bromcom which is an app and website available to students and parents/carers. Further information is available on our Homework page.

These are the principles which underpin our homework.

Students are expected to complete regular revision for their end of unit assessments. All homework will be set on Bromcom and all resources necessary for effective revision can be found on the GCSE History area of Moodle. Where necessary, students may also be set additional tasks to consolidate their learning.  

Useful History Resources

All resources to support learning and revision can be found on the GCSE History Moodle page. This included access to lesson resources, textbooks and revision and exam support.   

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