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Safeguarding Teams

Here are the Safeguarding Teams around the School: 

Main School

Mr J Pike

Mr J Pike Designated Safeguarding Lead (Safeguarding Hub C Floor)

Mrs K Duzniak

Mrs K Duzniak Deputy Safeguarding Lead (B Floor)

Mr A Thomas-White

Mr A Thomas-White Deputy Safeguarding Lead (A Floor)

Mrs K Meredith

Ms K Meredith Deputy Safeguarding Lead and Mental Health Lead (LRC)

Mr S Penrose

Mr S Penrose Safeguarding Support Officer)

Mr N Freeman

Mr N Freeman Head of Year 7

Miss R Amos

Miss R Amos Deputy Head of Year 7

Miss A Ainsworth

Miss A Ainsworth Head of Year 8

Mr T Fewell

Mr T Fewell Deputy Head of Year 8

Ms C Sainsbury

Ms C Sainsbury Head of Year 9

Mrs C Roberts

Mrs C Roberts Deputy Head of Year 9

Dr D Wilson

Dr D Wilson Head of Year 10

Ms E Ford

Ms E Ford Deputy Head of Year 10

Mr J Hare

Mr J Hare Head of Year 11

Mr J Oakes

Mr J Oakes Deputy Head of Year 11

Sixth Form

Mr A Thomas-White

Mr J Pike Designated Safeguarding Lead (Main School C Floor)

Mr S Shaw

Mr R Shaw Sixth Form Safeguarding Lead

Mr J Mansell

Mr J Mansell Head of Year 12

Ms H Foster

Ms H Foster Head of Year 13

Mr S Penrose

Mr S Penrose Safeguarding Support Worker

Mrs M Feldman

Mrs M Feldman Pastoral Support Worker

Mrs H Stephens

Mrs H Stephens Learning Mentor

Ms E Duncan

Ms E Duncan Learning Mentor


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