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KS3 Maths (Draft Curriculum Page)


What do we want to achieve in Maths at SMRT?

Curriculum Overview

An overview paragraph which outlines the ambition and scope of Maths at KS3 as well as grids which show what the curriculum look like in terms of the knowledge and skills we want students to acquire in each term?.


Sequencing, Setting and Support

A rationale for why different parts of the curriculum are taught when they are and how and when you revisit skills and content; how setting works in Maths (or if you teach mixed ability how you approach this); how you support students and adapt teaching to ensure that all students are able to progress through the curriculum regardless of any barriers to learning.

Alive Themes in Maths

This should outline how you develop your subject Alive theme (We are questioning) and the other Alive themes over the course of KS3 Maths - essentially your Alive audit.

Assessment in Maths

An overview of how assessment works in KS3 Maths - for example, how do you decide if a student is 'secure' in Maths by the end of Year 8?

Homework and how Parents/Carers Support Learning

How does homework support what is learnt in the classroom? In Maths' case this will be an explanation of the Sparx platform. There should be detail on how parents and carers can access information about homework, how they can support the completion of homework and any other guidance or resources designed to help parents and carers engage with Maths at KS3.

Useful Maths Resources

This can be links to websites or department documents which help to expand upon any of the themes above or which will help parents and carers to increase their confidence in supporting their children with Maths.

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