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We Are Interdependent 2

Weekly Worship by Chaplain Josh

Our ALIVE Value this week is ‘We are Interdependent.’ We’re going to reflect on what this means for us!

To be interdependent is to rely on one another and to be well-connected with each other. In other words, to be a strong community.

How would you define what a community is?

A community is often seen as a group of people who live near/with each other or share the same interests together.

Make a list of all the communities you think you belong to! This could be in school, social groups, sports groups, hobbies etc.

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Here’s a couple of thoughts about community:

  1. You were made for community.

God created us to live life with others. We were made to live in community and with friendships.

In the Bible, the first time God says something is ‘not good’ was in the creation story, when Adam was alone. We are not made to do life on our own. Read out the quote below that will help us picture what this means:

‘God created us to hold each other, to place one hand in another’s, to rest on another person’s shoulder, to laugh in a room filled with other people… to rejoice and celebrate and weep. Together. Not alone.’

  1. Stay connected to community.

Because we’re created for community, we see so many benefits in being connected to one another. Research says that ‘having a network of good relationships improves your wellbeing and can keep your mind active. Staying connected with others and taking part in social activities can also increase your confidence and improve how you feel about yourself.’

How can you stay connected to community? Are there groups you can join or new activities you could start?

Have you noticed someone who may be facing loneliness or has been left out? I challenge you to reach out to that person, to be a friend and help them stay connected to others.

Let’s pray!

Father God, we ask for a flourishing community, where we can learn to love each other and help one another always.

We pray that we can be good stewards of Your love to everyone we encounter and share community with.

We ask that You help us to learn from our community, and it may be a place where all are welcomed, valued and respected. Help us to look out for those who may be isolated and give us boldness to offer them friendship and community with others.

We pray this in Jesus’ name,


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