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We Are Creative 1

Worship of the Week from Chaplain Eric.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

If I was to ask you to describe yourself in one word, how many of you would use the word ‘creative’? A lot of us think because we can’t draw or paint, play an instrument or write songs, we aren’t creative.

The bible says we are all made with God’s qualities, and one of those qualities is creativity. It’s no coincidence the first chapter of the bible describes how God created everything. That’s the first thing he wanted us to learn about him.

Another word for creative is ‘imaginative.’ We all have an imagination which we use daily. We imagine ourselves in different places, in different times, and doing different things. How could you use your imagination to benefit others? Maybe thinking of something encouraging to say, or something nice to give. Maybe doing something that helps someone else have a better day.

When God created the world and everything in it, he said it was ‘very good.’ Let’s think of good things we can do to help others and make our school community a better place.

Dear Lord,
Thank you that you made us to be just like you. Because you’re creative, so are we. Help us to use our creativity and imagination for the good. Amen


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