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Lent 2

Weekly Worship from Chaplain Josh.

This week, we continue our Lent reflections, focusing on the Story of the Prodigal Son.

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Last week we began to explore the amazing interaction between the prodigal son and his father, when the son returned home. It was a moment of incredible compassion and grace.

Have a chat with those around you, what do you remember from last week?

During this interaction, the father gifts the son a robe, a ring, sandals and throws him a celebration feast. For the remaining reflections, we will focus on the significance of what these each symbolise. This week we start with the robe.

To start, picture the very moment the son was dressed in the best robe that the father had. It’s an incredible moment. It was a demonstration of complete approval, love and mercy as well as protection – all the benefits of being a son.

After a long time of rebelling against the father, losing everything, the son was greeted not with hostility but with a compassionate love that was not tainted by his own failings.

This kind of love is the very love we experience through God’s love for us.

What do you think the son felt when the father put the robe around his shoulders?

What words would you use to describe God’s love? Can you think of any other examples in the Bible where God shows us his love?

To finish, reflect on this sentence:

We do not need to search far and wide to try and find a love similar to what we see in the story. Like the father in this story, God is waiting for us eagerly for us to come home and know his love.

Have a blessed week,

Chaplain Josh

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