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We Value Faith 2

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Last week each House sat through my assembly on valuing faith. Hands up – who can remember the name of the Roman Shield pictured above? It begins with an S…

I know many of you would’ve gone into the assembly expecting to hear about faith from a purely religious perspective. But what I hope you all learned is that faith is something we each have in many small and big areas of our lives.


I want you to get a pen and paper ready. Write down a list of three things you have faith in. Remember faith means to have ‘complete trust in something or someone’. What things or people do you have complete trust in? Take 2 minutes to write a list.

When you’ve finished, I want you to take another 2 minutes to write down why you have faith in the things you’ve listed. Just one sentence for each thing or person you’ve written down. It’s good to understand why you’ve put your trust in certain things or people. That will help you to value them better.


Dear Lord,
Thank you that we’ve all been given the gift of faith. We can put our trust in things, people, and you, and that helps us to feel secure and safe in this world which is sometimes scary and unpredictable. When our faith is tested, and things or people let us down, help us to not let go of our belief and hope. May we hold on to them always as they are our shield in the battle of life. Amen