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We Can Question 2


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Then the LORD God called to Adam and said to him,
“Where are you?”

Often the first question we ask or get asked when we bump into someone is, “how are you?” However, God’s first question to a person recorded in the Bible was “Where are you?”. God didn’t ask this question because he couldn’t find Adam. He asked him because so often, how we are and where we are, are linked.

‘Where’ is more than your physical location. It’s where you are at mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Where are you at this time? Stressed with school work? Excited for Summer? Feeling lonely? Secure among friends? It’s important that we can talk to one another and be seen, heard and understood. Perhaps the next time you bump into a friend, try to find out where they are in life at the moment – you may be surprised by their answer.

Dear Lord,
Thank you that you care about how we are and where we are. Help us to look out for one another, to sit with each other, to listen, to care, and to be there – just as you always are. Amen