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Isolated But Not Alone 15


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Hello. Welcome to INA, a weekly resource to remind us that even though we are physically distant, we are connected in community.


World Social Media Day

This Tuesday, the 30th June, marks World Social Media Day. It was invented in 2010 as a way to recognise social media’s impact on global communication and celebrate all the great aspects! Social media is not good or bad, it's neutral.


I love social media, and it is an important part of how we make change happen.

Shaun King



When it comes to social media, there are just some times you have to give yourself space to be quiet.

Michelle Obama




Test your knowledge of soical media with this quiz.



Check out Joey's wellbeing words:



Many of us, like Michelle Obama, need a break from social media. Why not take 5 mins today to meditate on the words of Jesus from Matthew 11:28-30:


If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest.


Father of all creativity. Thank you for the social media, and how it has brought us connection, awareness and much joy. We pray for good connection with all the positives aspects and protection from all the negative aspects. When we switch on, may we do so with intention and when we switch off, may we find rest for our minds, and souls. AMEN.


Words For The Week – Mr Boswell
• Word class – noun
• Definition - concern about a particular situation or development
• Synonyms – recognition, realisation, perception
• If we listen to people, it will increase our awareness and understanding.


Poem Of The Week
Social media's close documentation of Bristol's BLM march and the toppling of Edward Colston put our city right at the centre of global news stories. We asked for your responses through creative writing, and received lots of amazing entries. The winners for each year group were published in the newsletter, here is one of them.


Click below to read.



Hopeful Song Of The Week

In honour of Liverpool winning the premier league, in honour of all those others who continue to serve on the front line, and in honour of our SMRT community, here is our hopeful song of the week, reminding us we're not alone!



Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next week. Until then, peace be with you! Love the INA team



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