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I Value Trust and Truth

The worship today is by Miss Youngs…another powerful lesson from history!

Who is the richest person who ever lived? Have a brief discussion about this as a group…

Now watch this film:





Under Mansa Musa, places like Timbuktu continued to thrive as a centre of learning and education and impressive buildings were built such as the Djinguereber Mosque which still stands today. Amazingly, the mosque continues to be looked after, maintained and repaired by the descendants of those who originally built in in 1327!



As you listen to this music by Malian blues artist, Boubacar Traore, challenge yourself to more actively recognise and celebrate how Black culture influences our everyday lives.



Dear Lord,
Thank you that you are the same yesterday, today and forever. Help us to recognise how history has shaped so much of what happens today and how our actions will one day be described as history.



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