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I Can Research 2

Watch this talk. It’s good to watch it all but you could just watch little bits to get the idea.



Our Alive skill talks about ‘I Can Research’ and it’s very important in this information-rich age to have research skills.  It is even more important to know why we are researching, why we are learning and how we can use research for good purposes.

The parable of the Sower reminds us we need to be fertile, good soil if God is going to be able to blossom in and through us.  We have just started the season of Lent in the church’s calendar which is about preparing for Easter.  Seize the opportunity to take some time with God to ask him about his will for your life.

I have thought sometimes about all the clever students in our school who get great results in Science and Technology and how you will, one day, use your abilities to improve your community and even the world as a whole.  You’ll probably want to make a difference to the most vulnerable people in society.  Maybe you’ll give or be the subject of a TED talk.

Have a good Lent.


Keep us, O Lord,

while we tarry on this earth,

in a serious seeking after you,  

and in an affectionate walking with you,  

every day of our lives;  

that when you come,  

we may be found not hiding our talent,  

nor serving the flesh,  

nor yet asleep with our lamp unfurnished,  

but waiting and longing for our Lord,  

our glorious God for ever. 


(Richard Baxter 1691)

Optional music: allow yourself to relax into God’s company with.