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Endings bring up a wide range of feelings and emotions.  Think about and then discuss the following situations and imagine the range of feelings and thoughts that might be going on for those involved:

• End of World Cup Final (winners, losers, spectators)

• Funeral • Someone finishing a marathon race

• A refugee arriving in a new place after a traumatic journey

• The end of a war

• The end of an important exam

• Harry and Meghan’s wedding (weddings represent endings of some aspects of life)

The discussion will hopefully raise the idea that we might experience a wide range of deep and intense emotions when we come to endings.  We should respect that each of us might have different and intense emotions at times of endings, and never do down the feelings being experienced at such times.  So let’s recognise that each person in the room might have a range of mixed feelings as they approach the end of the school year.

In the Christian story, hope is a key aspect when we meet times which might feel like endings.

When Jesus ascended at the end of his earthly life, his disciples faced a major ending.  The man they had grown to love, the one who they really believed had shown them the way to live, the one who had loved beyond what they had ever experienced; this man was leaving.  What would they make of this ending?

But they were encouraged rather than despairing.  Rather than despair over their loss of regular daily life with Jesus, they were encouraged to go on.  Some of the last words Jesus said to them were:


Go into all the world and tell the good news to all creation.

Mark 16.15


And when they were left gazing into the distance after he had left, they were challenged:


Men of Galilee, why do you stand here looking into the sky?  This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back……


Christians believe that Jesus is still working to bring this world to a better place.  This is the hope of the Christian story.  And it tells us that when we face endings, we are also facing beginnings of something new; we are always being called to take what we have learnt and experienced, and let it shape us as we walk into the future.

So spend some time listening to the following song and reflecting on the following question: what lesson (or lessons) do you need to take forward from this last year and carry with you into the future?  What do you hope for as you look ahead?

Good Good Father:


Guest contributor and recent visitor to the school: Revd. Chris Parkman to whom we express our thanks.

Have a great summer!


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