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What does the word ‘armistice’ mean?

‘A temporary stopping of warfare by mutual agreement, as a truce preliminary to the signing of a peace treaty'.

In other words… an agreement to stop fighting and agree to live in peace with each other.

Have you ever had to do the same? Perhaps after an argument with someone in your family or a friend? It is not easy! When you try to make peace with someone, you have to let go of the anger and frustration – even if you have been hurt. Sometimes you have to forgive or say sorry! There is often a cost.

As we take the time to remember those who died fighting during the war, take some time to also think about how you can make sure you live at peace with those around you. As you watch this film, think about all those who lost their lives as well as those fighting in wars all over the world today.



Dear Lord,
Please help us to consider the needs and cares of others. Forgive us when we have caused arguments and have not been willing to say sorry. Help us to form good positive relationships and reconnect to rebuild friendships that have been lost. We thank you for all the people from so many countries who risked their lives during both world wars and we pray for wars that are happening all over the world even today. We pray for peace.
In your name


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