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Advent and Christmas 1

We are officially in the season of Advent, the preparation time before Christmas. Some of you will have started on your calendars, thought about presents, and perhaps even brought and decorated a tree. One of the latest fashions this year is to hang your Christmas tree upside down. A whole host of people and have been posting their efforts on social media, but why?


For some, this is just a new way to take an ancient tradition and flip it on its head, but the Early Christians were doing it centuries ago. The fir tree’s triangular shape appeared to represent the Trinity, and believers were said to have hung their trees upside down to serve as a reminder of Jesus on the cross.

This year, how could you flip Christmas on its head? What could you do differently?

Catch me around school, this Wednesday lunch to discover how I’m approaching Christmas this year.

An advent prayer (author unknown):

The Advent story of hope and mystery, anticipation, preparation,

a kingdom of this world and the next, and a king appearing when we least expect.

Heaven touching earth, the footsteps of the divine walking dusty roads as once they did in Eden,

and a people, searching for a Savior, and walking past the stable.

Open eyes and hearts, that this might be an Advent of hope to the world.


For further listening, enjoy my favourite; Sufjan Stevens sing about Christ coming as Israel’s saviour: