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Advent - A Badly Wrapped Gift


christmas day unwrap

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Are you good at wrapping presents? Watch this clip…are you this good?

Just because a present is wrapped really well doesn’t make it a great present. It’s whatever that is under the wrapping paper and the thought behind the present that matters!

Baby Jesus was born in a stable, he was not born in a palace or a hospital. Jesus was a gift to the world at Christmas but he was not very well wrapped….in a smelly stable! This is what the Bible says about Jesus – some of these words may shock you! Especially as they were written about 700 years before Jesus was born!


Who would have believed what we heard?
    Who saw the LORD’s power in this?
He grew up like a small plant before the LORD,
    like a root growing in a dry land.
He had no special beauty or form to make us notice him;
    there was nothing in his appearance to make us desire him.
He was hated and rejected by people.
    He had much pain and suffering.
People would not even look at him.
  He was hated, and we didn’t even notice him.
But he took our suffering on him
   and felt our pain for us and we are healed because of his wounds.

Isaiah 53


Jesus is a gift for us all. He may not seem like the most exciting present and you might even overlook Him this Christmas time. But the gift of Jesus brings healing and hope to us all.

Dear loving Father of Heaven and Earth,
Thank you that the gift of your son didn’t look attractive and great on the outside, but was the best gift you could’ve given us. We sometimes feel like badly wrapped gifts, but you see beyond the surface, into the depths of our hearts. Help us to see what you see in ourselves and those around us. Amen