Sixth Form

Nov 21

The day I Met HRH Princess Anne by Adrienne Day

The Day I Met HRH Princess Anne

Meeting HRH Princess AnneOn Thursday 3rd of November I had the huge honour of meeting and talking to HRH Princess Anne at Buckingham palace. Along with 125 other young achievers I was one of the lucky few chosen to attend this amazing event. I received the invite after being Cadet of the Year in St John Ambulance for Avon in 2010; I was then nominated to represent my county at a National Cadet of the Year Competition which I attended in February. As one of the youngest competitors it was a challenge and although I didn't get the title 'National Cadet of the Year' I have been the Avon representative for Cadets 9 months.

On the day of meeting HRH I had travelled down to London on the train along with my assistant commissioner, cadets and my mum. We met with the other chosen cadets and got briefed on how to talk, act and greet Princess Anne. "Ma'am like jam, not ma'am like farm". Our uniform was scrutinized and preened to perfect.

It came to about 16:15 and we were ready to march down Buckingham Palace road, we stood outside the Palace for photos before the gates were opened and we marched in. The tourists thought we were the next big thing so hundreds of photos were taken.

Once inside the palace our nerves began to build. We knew that at exactly 16:35 HRH would enter the room and we were the first group she would be meeting. Although we were offered some rather scrumptious food we avoided it, until she had moved on, so we wouldn't make a fool of ourselves or accidently spill our drinks.

Everyone fell silent as HRH entered the room. We were introduced one at a time and had to courtesy or bow (which ever was appropriate) whilst saying "Your Royal Highness". That was the hardest part over. She spoke to our group for around 6 minutes and then moved on to the next.

Meeting Princess Anne at the young achievers reception is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. After all, it isn't everyday that a 'KNOWLE teenager' (Evening Post 7th November 2011) enters Buckingham palace to have light snacks and a chat to Princess Anne.

Adrienne Day