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May 22

Canynges House supports Unseen

Canynges House supports Unseen

Written by the students of Canynges House

A group of students in Canynges from St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School took part in a two day bag pack to raise money for the charity unseen. Unseen is a charity that helps prevent human trafficking. The students that joined in the bag pack came from different tutor groups to help raise as much money as possible. They each took shifts to ensure they covered a whole day. The bag pack took place in Marks and Spencer, Broadmead. It occurred on a Sunday in December and a Saturday in January. The students would pack bags for customers and the customers would give a donation to the charity. As well as raise money, they also explained the charity to the customers so that they understood the cause for the bag pack. The bag pack was very successful as many people took part and supported the charity. A student that took part said “I liked raising the money as well as spreading the word about the charity”. Some tutor groups sold Candy Canes, did cakes sales and ran a chocolate fountain


In the Spring the whole of our house always does a big fundraising event. We had to think up possible ideas for the event and the ideas ranged from Teacher for a day to inter tutor dodge ball. The overall idea was to do a big marathon. The plan was to run from our school to London (we planned to do this because of the upcoming London Olympic Games and the Torch relay). We had split the run up equally between all students and we had 1 hour to do our bit on three different tracks. Each student that took part got sponsored to raise the money for our House charity Unseen. Overall we rose just over £700 in total sponsorship. On the day we had people dressed up as Meercats, Penguins, Builders, Bananas, Father Christmas, Peter Pan, Morphs and lots more. There were people counting the amount of laps each person did, people taking photos and videos too. There was lots of support from people that couldn’t take part and teachers as well. Including the money from the bag pack and from other charity events, Canynges house helped raise £1767.57 for Unseen. This is a great amount of money and we are all really happy it is going to such a good cause.

The whole House after the run

Charity activities   Charity activities   Charity activities
Charity activities   Charity activities   Charity activities

Including the money from the bag pack and from other charity events, Canynges house helped raise:
£1767.57 for Unseen

This is a great amount of money and we are all really happy it is going to such a good cause.


Cheque presentation to Unseen   House celebrates
Mar 21

An inspiring debate about Nanotechnology

An inspiring debate aboutnanochannels240


On Tuesday 20th March, SMRT hosted a high profile 'public engagement in science' event to debate the development and uses of nanotechnology.

As part of the EC-funded Nanochannels project, Dr Hill's Year 10 and 11 students were joined by Dr Terry McMaster, Dr Annela Seddon, Sam Olof and Tom Carvell from the Bristol Centre of Functional Nanomaterials.  Together they formed an expert panel to lead a debate on the use of 'nanosensors in medical diagnosis'.  Over 100 people attended, including parents, press, representatives from technology companies, educational organisations and students from years 10-13.

The event was a huge success with impressive presentations and insightful discussions by students from SMRT and the expert scientists. We look forwards to reading the articles about this event in local and national media.  Here's are some photos of the event, more links and details will follow:

Mar 20

Nanochannels debate at SMRT

nanochannels240Nanochannels debate at


Tonight Year 11 and Year 10 students from Dr Hill's chemistry groups will be joining scientists from Bristol University to debate:

"That nanosensors should be used in medical diagnosis"

This is the finale of the European Commission funded Nanochannels project which Dr Hill has been running at SMRT.  This project has been an exciting collaboration between students at SMRT and lecturers and PhD students from Bristol's Centre for Functional Nanomaterials (BCFN).

The event will take place in the main school hall on Tuesday 20th March, from 5:30-7PM.  There will be a presentation on Nanotechnology and Nanosensors from Dr Annela Seddon from Bristol University.  She will be joined on the expert panel by Dr Terry McMaster (Director of the BCFN), PhD students Sam Olof and Tom Carvell and a number of Year 10 and Year 11 students.

The event has already received international coverage from Bristol University and a number of other leading nanotechnology institutions and blogs.


Dec 8

Success in ICT for Years 9, 10 & 11

Success in ICT for Years 9, 10 & 11

Working towards the OCR National qualification can be challenging. The pass mark is 100%! Here's how Year 9, 10 and 11 students can work with their teachers to be successful.


Nov 25

GCSE Science Live

GCSE Science Live


On Monday 20th November 2011 our Year 10 and Year 11 Triple Scientists attended the GCSE Science Live event at the Colston Hall in Bristol.  It was an interesting and stimulating day for our budding scientists, with lectures from five top research scientists.  The highlights for me were....
- An insight into the importance of genetic by Professor Steve Jones
- Theories about time travel by Professor Jim Al-Khalili
- Exploring the complexities of chemical reactions by Professor Andrea Sella

Dr Hill