Sep 11

Exam results - excellent again!

We are really pleased with our students that they have worked hard and achieved such great results. We are particularly proud of those who have achieved against the odds.



We have secured a rise on last year's results of 3% with 73% of students getting five A*-C including English and Maths. An amazing third of the grades achieved were A* or A, with 60% of the grades being B or above. This is our best result in four years despite the bar being raised yet again! We are particularly pleased that many students have done so well in maths with 80% of students getting A*-C grades and 53% getting a B, A or A* grade!


I am delighted for our students that these great grades open the doors to further study in school, college or through apprenticeships. They have had a great attitude to their studies and made good use of all the extra revision sessions and support that generous staff have put on for them, it is a real team effort of students, parents, teachers and support staff and we are really proud of everyone's contribution.



We are delighted with the A level results this year at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School. The A level pass rate is 99.3% with 64% of grades being B and above.  This equals our best ever set of results






Students have followed their passions and studied a wide range of subjects with us. The courses they are going on to at university are as varied as Medieval and Modern Languages at Cambridge, Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Manchester, medicine at Cardiff, Physics at Southampton and Animal Behaviour at Plymouth. We also have two students with places at prestigious American universities, one of them following in Hilary Clinton’s footsteps. What has impressed us is how well students have researched their options and really thought about what they want to study at university or what they want to do when they leave school. They have shown a maturity, thoughtfulness and intelligence in their decision making that reflects them taking full responsibility for their futures. I am inspired by the way our students have made the most of all the learning opportunities on offer to them and by the way the staff have supported them through any difficulties. 

exam results


Kyiah and Nell


The wonderful results are a credit to the hardworking students, the inspirational teachers, caring support staff and nervous parents! For many of the students at Redcliffe sixth form we are building on GCSE results the students achieved in other schools. I am proud of our whole school community and the wider Bristol educational community. Our young people have really made us proud!


Mrs Gilpin




Sep 6

Exam results - another great year!

The examination results this year were excellent again. We are very proud of all our students and of their hard work and talents. Congratulations also to all staff on their hard work, inspirational support for learning and attention to detail, and sheer determination in supporting our students to achieve so well. Congratulations to all our parents/carers on their care and guidance and support during the stress of examinations.





This year, the 5 A* - C pass rate increased by 6% to 88%. The 5 A* - C pass rate including English and Maths also increased by 4% to 72.4%. (The average for Bristol was 52%). 99.5% of students achieved 5 or more A*- G grades.


An amazing 50% of students (up from 38.5%) achieved 3 or more A* and A grades. We are really proud of all our students who achieved so well. An impressive 23 students gained 5 or more A* grades! Notable successes were Matthew Chapman, Richard Betts and Jonathan Catt, all of whom achieved at least 8 A* and 2 A grades. Also of note were Barnaby Lewis (8A* 1A 1B), Matthew Palmer (7A* 3A), Dorothy Hislop (7A* 2A 1B), Sarah Tomlinson (6A* 4A 1B), Florence Hislop (6A* 4A), Marcus Hook (6A* 4A), Harry Johnson (6A* 4A), and James Moseley (6A* 4A). We had six sets of twins who did really well indeed. Between them they got 87 A and A* grades (43 A* and 44 A grades)! There are also significant success stories for many other students as we had a number of students tackling personally challenging situations and triumphing over adversity. We are very proud indeed of them.


You may have seen that our students featured in the national media – you can still read about them on the following websites;

http://www.itv.com/news/story/2013-08-22/pupils-gcse-exam-results/ (picture),

http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/08/22/gcse-results-day-six-twins-top-grades_n_3793900.html (article).



A2 (A Level)

The overall pass rate was 99.3%. 60% of grades were A*, A and B grades.


Outstanding achievements were Jeremy Budd with 4A* who will be studying Maths at Cambridge and Krystyna Smolinkski with 4A* who will be studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge.


Jeremy is an inspiration to those over coming challenges as he has Aspergers Syndrome and Sensory Neuropathy and is an example of how resilience and love of learning can triumph over obstacles. His success was covered extensively in the local and national media. You can still read about him and some of our other success stories (and see some lovely photographs) on the following websites;




We have 3 additional students going off to start courses at Oxford and Cambridge (Gareth Bromley – History at Oxford, James Hilton – English at Cambridge, and Alice Thomson - Biological Sciences at Oxford). 6 students are off to study Medicine (Ben Alba, Zoe Barber, Henry Atkinson, Dominic Dee, Joe Healy, Mike Masih). Other notable successes were Karis Godbeer (3 A*), Rossy Barnett, Stephen Fulham, Susanna Harvey and Anna Skinner (2A* 1A), David Moseley (1A*, 2A, 1B), and Will Bryan-Smith, Tiffany Irwin, Hannah Wyatt and Anthony Sefia (1A* 2A).


The pass rate was 91.9%, with A and B grades at 46.1%. Of the 15 students in Year 13 who took the Extended Project AS qualification, where students have to undertake their own piece of independent research, 11 got an A* or A grade.