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Day of Prayer

Day of Prayer

The annual Day of Prayer in school has become a focus for many students and some staff. It has proved so popular that this year for the first time, we are having two of them. The first was last Friday. The accompanying photos give an idea of what the students experienced. The very fact that the school sets aside a whole day for students and staff to bring themselves or the needs of others, before God, in such a focused way, demonstrates how seriously we take the spirituality of our community and the importance of, prayer. We have developed prayer "stations", areas to which the students can go to sit in silence, to meet with God, to light candles, to burn or dissolve confessions, to write prayers, to bring their burdens to the foot of the cross and leave them there. There are bean bags and holding crosses, bibles and prayer cards, all to enable and encourage,  encounter with God.  Lots of creative art work is produced by the end of the day.

For teens to be able to sit in silence, with quiet worship music playing in the background, is something many schools would not attempt. We facilitate an atmosphere conducive to helping our youngsters (and staff) to meet with God. We have those under severe stress because of school workload, or issues at home or between friends. This is a safe place to allow everyone to bring their concerns and worries into God's care and healing presence. We pray that they will leave renewed and refreshed. We invite and get, a lot of ideas and input from the students and try to find ways of improving for the future. We had very strong support from our sixth formers, and one former student has returned twice to assist.


Our Day of Prayer takes place in The Methodist Chapel and students may choose any one period to come in and pray as long as it's with the permission of the teacher of whichever class they will miss. We have had parents join us to pray, to help, or both. Please mark the next one in your diary, March 23rd, 2012. I would very much appreciate support from interested parties.



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