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Mar 23

Partnership Day 2012

Partnership Day 2012

Each year we have a special day for Year 7 where we focus on our partnership with Ikoba School, Uganda and on partnerships more generally.

We started the day with a Eucharist on the theme of 'journeying'.  We would have loved for this to be a joint service with Ikoba but technology does not yet permit this.  We had the next best thing though.  Our recent visitors to Uganda brought back video of Ikoba students singing 'I have a reason Lord' and we had this as our opening song with the Redcliffe students joining with the chorus.  You can be inspired by the song also here. 

One of our readings was the famous Footprints poem and Chaplain Wendy preached on our faith journey, ably illustrated by the Road to Emmaus story.  Students had produced prayers on card footsteps and these were offered in the service.

Prayers on card footsteps
A special treat for the school was that Mrs Cunningham and Mr Shaw wore their Ugandan outfits.

Ugandan outfits worn by Mrs Cunningham and Mr ShawPeople are now wearing the new partnership wristbands.

The new Partnership WristbandsThey are available via visitor reception at school or via Eazypay. 

During the rest of the day, Year 7 groups were given first-hand experiences from school staff and students who have visited Ikoba.  Students teaching fellow students is particularly powerful.

Alex teaching her fellow studentsYou may just be able to make out the outline of a plate with '17p' on it.  When our visitors were in Uganda, they asked Headteacher Faith about what project would have the most impact at Ikoba.  She replied that, as last year, they have problems with students who can't afford to eat at lunchtime and, therefore, don't come to school or go very hungry all day.  In our money, a lunch costs just 17p, so we hope that James House will raise enough money for the 30 or so students who would benefit from their funds.  If you would like to help, please contact Mr Stevens at school. 

PE also got in the act by holding mini-competitions in their lessons with students representing Zebra, Rhino and Simba Houses (Ikoba School Houses).  In addition, two tutor groups held an international food fair at lunchtime today.  Rebecca made a carrot cake with Ugandan flag icing.  Unfortunately the photo hasn't come out but here's a reminder of the flag anyway!

The flag of UgandaMiriam made some matching cupcakes and there were many tasty goodies for all to enjoy in the sunshine.  Mr Barker's tutor-group did a Olympic relay up and down one of the new staircases as a fundraiser.  Each of the 5 groups did 2012 steps and were rather tired at the end! 

Olympic relayWe also benefited from guest presenters from Bristol University who have volunteered abroad 

Presenters from Bristol University... and from the Kenya Association of Bristol who gave us a flavour of what is like to live in a different culture. 

Kenya Association of BristolBristol is, of course, hosting Kenyan athletes before the Olympic Games this summer.

Thank you to all who contributed to this great day.

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Mar 21

An inspiring debate about Nanotechnology

An inspiring debate aboutnanochannels240


On Tuesday 20th March, SMRT hosted a high profile 'public engagement in science' event to debate the development and uses of nanotechnology.

As part of the EC-funded Nanochannels project, Dr Hill's Year 10 and 11 students were joined by Dr Terry McMaster, Dr Annela Seddon, Sam Olof and Tom Carvell from the Bristol Centre of Functional Nanomaterials.  Together they formed an expert panel to lead a debate on the use of 'nanosensors in medical diagnosis'.  Over 100 people attended, including parents, press, representatives from technology companies, educational organisations and students from years 10-13.

The event was a huge success with impressive presentations and insightful discussions by students from SMRT and the expert scientists. We look forwards to reading the articles about this event in local and national media.  Here's are some photos of the event, more links and details will follow:

Mar 20

Nanochannels debate at SMRT

nanochannels240Nanochannels debate at


Tonight Year 11 and Year 10 students from Dr Hill's chemistry groups will be joining scientists from Bristol University to debate:

"That nanosensors should be used in medical diagnosis"

This is the finale of the European Commission funded Nanochannels project which Dr Hill has been running at SMRT.  This project has been an exciting collaboration between students at SMRT and lecturers and PhD students from Bristol's Centre for Functional Nanomaterials (BCFN).

The event will take place in the main school hall on Tuesday 20th March, from 5:30-7PM.  There will be a presentation on Nanotechnology and Nanosensors from Dr Annela Seddon from Bristol University.  She will be joined on the expert panel by Dr Terry McMaster (Director of the BCFN), PhD students Sam Olof and Tom Carvell and a number of Year 10 and Year 11 students.

The event has already received international coverage from Bristol University and a number of other leading nanotechnology institutions and blogs.


Jan 31

Brazil Day 2012

Brazil Day 2012

Organised by Team Geography and probably the most exciting day on the school calendar (ask any Year 8 student) – the annual Year 8 Brazil Day Conference arrived at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School. 

Thanks to endless hard work, energy and enthusiasm from many members of staff and external workshops, this experience was a real success which allowed students to immerse themselves in Brazilian culture.  This helped students develop a real sense of place for the Brazil topic being studied in geography and also allowed them to empathise with a range of issues and challenges that face the country and its people.

The day raised £200.00 for Action Aid to help further their work to end poverty in Brazil.  We would like to say a big thank you to parents and carers for their support.


Jan 6

Christmas Charity Presentation to Paul's Fund

Christmas charity presentation

At the start of December we announced that the school's Christmas charity for 2011 was Paul's Fund. The proceeds of the non-uniform day held on December 7th, the collection at the evening carol service on December 12th and various individual efforts by students and staff raised a fantastic £1500 for this deserving cause.

At the Beginning of Term service held yesterday Paul's parents, David and Pip Morton, were presented with the cheque. They are extremely grateful and part of the money will be used to make the downstairs bedroom and bathroom disabled-friendly.

Christmas Charity presentation


A little bit about Paul's Fund and what it provides:

Young adults who have been bereaved, or diagnosed with a terminal or life threatening illness, or who are themselves caring for a family member, can apply to Paul’s Fund for a grant to pay for themselves, along with one or more family members or close friends, to have a holiday break staying at Paul’s Place, a B&B and place of retreat with self catering facilities in Georgeham near Croyde on the North Devon coast.

Paul’s Fund relies entirely on donations in order to make grants.

You can read more about the charity here.

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