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Jul 10

Hampton Court 2012

Hampton Court 2012

The Hampton Court trip in February was one of the highlights of my year!  The castle was beautiful and it was amazing to think that famous kings and queens, such as Henry VIII, Mary I and Elizabeth I actually walked on the stone tiles that I too was walking on.

The palace was stunning.  There were so many rooms that you could look into and each room had a history.  My favourite was the room where guns and weapons were used to make patterns on the walls.  You could walk all around the castle and also see where Catherine Parr and King Henry secretly got married.

The gardens were enormous and one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  It was a really amazing trip and I only wish I could have stayed longer and that Mr Shaw had turned up in a Wolsey costume!

Seannah, Y12 Student


May 22

Canynges House supports Unseen

Canynges House supports Unseen

Written by the students of Canynges House

A group of students in Canynges from St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School took part in a two day bag pack to raise money for the charity unseen. Unseen is a charity that helps prevent human trafficking. The students that joined in the bag pack came from different tutor groups to help raise as much money as possible. They each took shifts to ensure they covered a whole day. The bag pack took place in Marks and Spencer, Broadmead. It occurred on a Sunday in December and a Saturday in January. The students would pack bags for customers and the customers would give a donation to the charity. As well as raise money, they also explained the charity to the customers so that they understood the cause for the bag pack. The bag pack was very successful as many people took part and supported the charity. A student that took part said “I liked raising the money as well as spreading the word about the charity”. Some tutor groups sold Candy Canes, did cakes sales and ran a chocolate fountain


In the Spring the whole of our house always does a big fundraising event. We had to think up possible ideas for the event and the ideas ranged from Teacher for a day to inter tutor dodge ball. The overall idea was to do a big marathon. The plan was to run from our school to London (we planned to do this because of the upcoming London Olympic Games and the Torch relay). We had split the run up equally between all students and we had 1 hour to do our bit on three different tracks. Each student that took part got sponsored to raise the money for our House charity Unseen. Overall we rose just over £700 in total sponsorship. On the day we had people dressed up as Meercats, Penguins, Builders, Bananas, Father Christmas, Peter Pan, Morphs and lots more. There were people counting the amount of laps each person did, people taking photos and videos too. There was lots of support from people that couldn’t take part and teachers as well. Including the money from the bag pack and from other charity events, Canynges house helped raise £1767.57 for Unseen. This is a great amount of money and we are all really happy it is going to such a good cause.

The whole House after the run

Charity activities   Charity activities   Charity activities
Charity activities   Charity activities   Charity activities

Including the money from the bag pack and from other charity events, Canynges house helped raise:
£1767.57 for Unseen

This is a great amount of money and we are all really happy it is going to such a good cause.


Cheque presentation to Unseen   House celebrates
May 16

The Uganda Fire concert

The Uganda Fire concert

Uganda FireWe were so delighted to welcome the Uganda Fire band to SMRT for a lunchtime concert in the Street.  They are very talented musicians and singers and engaging performers.  Many students couldn't help joining in with the music and actions.  Do catch a bit of Fire if you can.  Amongst other concerts, they are at: 

Friday 18th May
7.30 pm – Concert hosted by Bristol West Deanery at St Mary's Church, Stoke Bishop

Saturday 19th May
2.00 – 3.00 pm – Concert as part of Bristol South Arts Trail, at St Paul's Church, Southville

Sunday 20th May
10.30 am – Guest Service at Pip and Jay's, Bristol
6.00 pm – Kainos youth event at St Michael, Stoke Gifford

Thursday 24th May 
7.00 pm Rock Solid – youth event at St Michael, Stoke Gifford

Sunday 27th May
10.30 am – Guest Service at Christ Church, Downend
2.30 pm – Come and sing Gospel at St Michael's Church, Vivian Street, Bedminster followed by:
4.30-6.30pm – Barbecue for all
6.30 pm – Concert

Uganda Fire at SMRT

Apr 20

Former student returns to Uganda

Former student returns to Uganda

We are delighted that Louise is back in Uganda. In this video she explains what she's doing, why it's important and is very positive about how the school has helped her.

Click here for the full story, and if you wish to follow Lou's progress please visit her blog.

Mar 23

Partnership Day 2012

Partnership Day 2012

Each year we have a special day for Year 7 where we focus on our partnership with Ikoba School, Uganda and on partnerships more generally.

We started the day with a Eucharist on the theme of 'journeying'.  We would have loved for this to be a joint service with Ikoba but technology does not yet permit this.  We had the next best thing though.  Our recent visitors to Uganda brought back video of Ikoba students singing 'I have a reason Lord' and we had this as our opening song with the Redcliffe students joining with the chorus.  You can be inspired by the song also here. 

One of our readings was the famous Footprints poem and Chaplain Wendy preached on our faith journey, ably illustrated by the Road to Emmaus story.  Students had produced prayers on card footsteps and these were offered in the service.

Prayers on card footsteps
A special treat for the school was that Mrs Cunningham and Mr Shaw wore their Ugandan outfits.

Ugandan outfits worn by Mrs Cunningham and Mr ShawPeople are now wearing the new partnership wristbands.

The new Partnership WristbandsThey are available via visitor reception at school or via Eazypay. 

During the rest of the day, Year 7 groups were given first-hand experiences from school staff and students who have visited Ikoba.  Students teaching fellow students is particularly powerful.

Alex teaching her fellow studentsYou may just be able to make out the outline of a plate with '17p' on it.  When our visitors were in Uganda, they asked Headteacher Faith about what project would have the most impact at Ikoba.  She replied that, as last year, they have problems with students who can't afford to eat at lunchtime and, therefore, don't come to school or go very hungry all day.  In our money, a lunch costs just 17p, so we hope that James House will raise enough money for the 30 or so students who would benefit from their funds.  If you would like to help, please contact Mr Stevens at school. 

PE also got in the act by holding mini-competitions in their lessons with students representing Zebra, Rhino and Simba Houses (Ikoba School Houses).  In addition, two tutor groups held an international food fair at lunchtime today.  Rebecca made a carrot cake with Ugandan flag icing.  Unfortunately the photo hasn't come out but here's a reminder of the flag anyway!

The flag of UgandaMiriam made some matching cupcakes and there were many tasty goodies for all to enjoy in the sunshine.  Mr Barker's tutor-group did a Olympic relay up and down one of the new staircases as a fundraiser.  Each of the 5 groups did 2012 steps and were rather tired at the end! 

Olympic relayWe also benefited from guest presenters from Bristol University who have volunteered abroad 

Presenters from Bristol University... and from the Kenya Association of Bristol who gave us a flavour of what is like to live in a different culture. 

Kenya Association of BristolBristol is, of course, hosting Kenyan athletes before the Olympic Games this summer.

Thank you to all who contributed to this great day.

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