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Very Good Exam Results Again

The examination results are very good again. We are very proud of all our students and of their hardwork and talents. Congratulations also to all staff on their hard work, inspirational support for learning and attention to detail, and sheer determination in supporting our students to achieve so well. Congratulations to all our parents/carers on their care and guidance and support during the stress of examinations.


Alevel1A2 (A Level)
We are delighted with the results the students have achieved. This is the first year through for all the exams being ‘linear’ with all the work from the whole two years being tested at once. This means that it relies on students working hard throughout the course and learning all the material they have covered for the final exams. We are pleased that half the grades gained are B, A or A*. A* grades are really hard to get and in Maths an amazing 11 students managed this and in English Literature 7 students did. We even had 4 students get A* grades in all three exams they sat! For example, John Brown and Ben Sheridan both got 3 A* in Maths, Further Maths and Physics and will be going on to study Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering respectively. We are proud that the great A Level grades are opening the doors to top universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial and Bristol and also that students are securing good apprenticeships.


For the staff at the school seeing the happy faces on results day is an inspiration and a reward as we celebrate with our lovely students the positive results of two years of hard work that opens doors to exciting next steps.


There was a very high take up of university places. We have 8 students awarded places at Oxford and Cambridge; John Brown (Engineering at Cambridge), Eleanor Heaps (Philosophy at Cambridge), Sophie Greenwood (English Literature at Oxford), Hannah Millward (English Literature at Cambridge), Oliver Packer (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Cambridge), Emily Moore (Geography at Cambridge), Polly Walton (Geography at Oxford), and Lloyd Shail, who left in 2017, (Medicine at Oxford). Other notable successes were Libby Rush, Molly Rasbash, William Rodliffe, Cara Barltrop, Ben Kelly, Max Conroy, Megan Akrill, Kirsten Bailey, Nathalie Canvin, Kaya Pirie, Oliver Allison, and Jake Loader.


Stiven Bregu, our Albanian student who was threatened with deportation, achieved 3 A levels and has started his accountancy apprenticeship. He said “A big thank you to everyone who supported me, it has been a stressful few weeks but I‘m pleased with how everything went. I’m delighted to be remaining and being part of Bristol.”



The new grading system has now been introduced for most other subjects. 9 is equivalent to a ‘super’ A*. 4 is equivalent to a C. 7 is equivalent to an A.


We are delighted with SMRT students’ achievements. 99.5% of students got at least one GCSE qualification. 85% of grades were grade C or 4 and above. This is an increase from last year (82%). The results at the top end have been really strong again, with 32% of grades being grades 7, 8 or 9 and A or A*. An excellent 41.3% of students got three or more grades at A or 7 and above. Despite the new grade 9 being like a super A* with a lot more challenge we had 8 students get 5 or more grade 9s. 14 students gained 9 or more grade A/7+ qualifications.


Notable successes were Amy Stapleton, Emily Reilly, Alisha Cole, Akhhil Tom, Anna O’Connor, Eve Taylor, Finlay Evans, Victoria Paynter, Ethan Cowie, Teilo Crow, Chloe Street-Griffiths, Maddy Woods, and Joanne Jaffey.


Amy Stapleton and Pete Opoku-Denkyi got A* with Distinction for their Further Maths GCSE, the fourth year we have offered this course. Achieving a distinction puts their result amongst the top scores in the country.




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