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Year 8 History Cabot Project


The Cabot Project is an international project trying to discover more about the Bristol discovery voyages – in particular, those undertaken by the Venetian adventurer and explorer, John Cabot. As part of the project, year 8 students from schools around Bristol, including SMRT, participated in a research and presentation project, about Bristol in the 1500's.
We kicked off at Bristol University, with a presentation from Dr Evan Jones (a Historian, Senior Lecturer and founding member of the Cabot Project.) Then we were divided into groups of four within our schools - my group decided to study John Smyth, a man who was a successful and influential Bristol merchant, who had a dark side of smuggling and bribery.
Having agreed our area of research we then set to work with sources allocated to each group member. After that, over the course of many weeks and two group meetings, we learnt lots of new information; studied primary and secondary sources which we selected ourselves; and created PowerPoint's teeming with fascinating facts and superb sources. We ended the project with every group presenting their research, back at Bristol University.
Through this project we've got to know new people, we've learnt research and presentation skills, and we've discovered Bristol in the 1500's - a totally different Bristol to the one we know today...
Year 8 History Student
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