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My trip to Ikoba by Susie Dobson

My trip to Ikoba by Susie Dobson

Over the summer holidays, my family and I visited Uganda, and one of the places we went to was our partner school, Ikoba.  We met the Headteacher and some of the other teachers who are visiting us later this year.  Everyone was very welcoming.  We were given a tour of the school and saw the two dormitories, where the mosquito nets we provided money for were in use.  The sleeping conditions were very cramped, and some of the beds had three bunks.  It was very dark, and it was hard to see, and that was in the daytime!   Luckily they are building a third dormitory, so there will be more space for everyone.  The school has been doing some building work like us, and we were shown their new classrooms, and a toilet block which even had a ramp for disabled access.

The SMRT tree which was planted recently has grown, and the Headteacher said that some of the students liked to sit under it because it now provided some shade. Unfortunately, we arrived in the middle of their exams, but we visited a S1 (Year 8 but their first year secondary) class, which was the first class to have no boys in, where I was embarrassed trying to introduce myself.  We didn't have very much time, so we had to leave very soon, but we were persuaded to stay for a meal before we left.

Headteacher Faith Ikoba_Francis_Ssentongo Monique Karimonje
Headteacher Faith Francis Ssentongo Monique Karimonje

Francis (Physics) and Monique (Music) are visiting us in November.

Written by Susie Dobson, Year 9, Francombe. Photos by Susie's father Chris Dobson.

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