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Belfast Queens

In July the SMRT Music department toured to Belfast to give a concert in the Queen’s University Music Department in celebration of the 90th birthday of Raymond Warren, Emeritus Professor of Music of Belfast and Bristol Universities and grandparents of former Redcliffe students Bridget and Jenny Warren. We were joined by leading British String Quartet, The Ligeti Quartet (including former SMRT student Richard Jones) with whom we have an ongoing partnership, in performing music by Raymond Warren in the presence of the composer. 


The audience consisted of leading figures from the music world in Northern Ireland including three of the leading contemporary composers in the province, all former students of Professor Warren’s, who we had commissioned to compose pieces for this occasion. The concert included Warren’s piece for chamber orchestra, A Star Danced. The members of the Ligeti Quartet coached our players and joined us in performing it.


As a surprise encore our students sang Warren’s A Celtic Blessing: I Lie Down with Christ to the visibly moved composer.



Mr Davies (Music Department)

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