SMRT Sixth Form Application

Application to Year 12 : For entry in September 2021

Please ensure that you have carefully read the guidance on making course choices in our prospectus and the general and subject-specific entry requirements before completing this form.


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Personal details

Date of Birth

Please provide your mobile number if possible as this is used by us to send important communications about your application.
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Date Started at Present School


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A-level Choices

Details of your choices for A level courses

Fill in the boxes below with your A level choices in the order of your preference.


Students who expect to gain our entry grades of 665544 should normally apply for three A Level subjects and either Mathematical Studies AS or Extended Project as a supplementary AS choice (see the final section of the prospectus for details) but if you are not currently sure of which three these should be then we may be able to allow you to start four, subject to space in the groups.


Students who expect to exceed GCSE grades of 776655 may wish to study four A Level subjects to consider taking an AS exam in one of them at the end of Year 12. You do not have to decide until January of Year 12 which this would be. When you drop your fourth subject, which may be after Christmas or at the end of Year 12, it is still possible to pick up an Extended Project.


Five subjects are only really an option for those applying to do double Maths and expecting 7/8/9 grades.


(If you want to do Further Maths you must apply for both Maths and Further Maths as separate options.)


Use the selection boxes below to indicate reserve choices in case the blocking that we decide on does not allow for your preferred combination.


Current Course Details

Details of your current courses

Please complete this on the basis of what your current standard of work or mock exams leads you and your teachers to think you will achieve this summer. If you have already completed a particular GCSE exam then make clear this is an actual rather than expected grade. Students already at SMRT do not have to enter grades because we already have these.



Either complete Combined Science or complete the separate sciences if you took Triple Science.


Remaining subjects 

Now enter the rest of your subjects and grades in the spaces below.


Additional Subjects

Optional Supporting Information

Note: Processing these applications takes time. If you apply on time you can expect to hear whether you have been offered a place during January, and then be invited in for an advice and guidance meeting during February/March. Please note that being offered a place does not guarantee that you will be able to do all of the subjects you wish. We build our subject matrix around student choices, but if yours cannot be accommodated in the final subject blocking we will seek to resolve this with you at your advice and guidance meeting.

When you have submitted this form and a decision has been made according to our admissions policy as to whether we are able to make you an offer we will send you a supplementary information form, which will give you the opportunity to tell us more about yourself – such as your interests and wider achievements, and the additional support you might need. This forms the basis of the advice and guidance meeting referred to above. We are not legally allowed to ask for this initial information at the initial application stage as it is not relevant to the admissions decision.


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