Here are just some of the things that students have said about the support they've received at Sixth Form. Click on the thumbnails to open videos.


The Learning Mentors at Redcliffe provide such a safe space to work through some of the more difficult aspects of life and being an A Level student. My sessions with a Learning Mentor were instrumental in helping me grow in confidence in who I am, which in turn had such a positive impact on my relationships, academics and home life.

Rachel Arberry


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When facing a difficult time in sixth form, I decided to turn to the Learning Mentors for support which I am so glad I did as it made me feel like I had a support network within the sixth form and that I could talk to them about anything. Alongside my Head of Year, they were so supportive and helpful with my decisions post sixth form, including staying for year 14. The Learning Mentors are so helpful no matter how big or small your problem and I am so glad I accessed their support.

Ellen Feldman


I had a really positive experience with {a Learning Mentor} during my year 12, she supported me when I was going through a really difficult time due to my family situation. She made sure I wasn't at a disadvantage due to exams or UCAS applications, and showed me ways to deal with what I was experiencing constructively rather than destructively. I would not be where I am today without her support.Amy Smith