Sixth Form Parent/Carer Information Presentations
We would normally have evenings on a number of occasions through the year in order to support parents and carers with a briefing on matters which may be of concern to them and to respond to questions and issues that they might want to raise. Since we are unable to do this in person we will release videos at the scheduled dates which will cover this material and would encourage parent/carers to contact us with questions.


After watching the appropriate videos we would like to offer you the chance to ask questions of us and so will be hosting a live Question and Answer session on the following dates:

Year 13 - Wednesday 10th March 2021 at 6pm

Year 12 – Thursday 11th March 2021 at 6pm


We would expect these to last about half an hour and will send a Zoom link by email to parents and carers nearer the time.


To enable us to cluster questions by theme and answer them efficiently could you submit them in advance using the form below. This will also enable us to have microphones muted for most of the time and so prevent feedback in a large group. People will be able to ask follow-up questions through the chat.


Please make sure that you have watched the videos to ensure that it hasn’t already answered your question before you submit it.


Year 12 Parents Information: Curriculum, Pastoral and Progression



Year 13 Parents Information: Curriculum and Pastoral



Year 13 Parents Information: Progression and Student Finance




Autumn Term Information Evenings – released 24 September 2020


Year 12




Year 13




There will also be parent/carer and teacher consultation evenings via video conferencing to discuss subject progress on the following dates:

Year 12  - 2 and 4 February 2021 

Year 13  - 11 and 13 Januay 2021