Sixth Form Parent/Carer Information Presentations

We would normally have evenings on a number of occasions through the year in order to support parents and carers with a briefing on matters which may be of concern to them and to respond to questions and issues that they might want to raise. Since we are unable to do this in person we will release videos at the scheduled dates which will cover this material and would encourage parent/carers to contact us with questions which we will answer in a Zoom meeting.

The first of these events happened for Year 12 and Year 13 in September/October 2021 and the videos for these are below.


You can find the full information on the ALIVE standards discussed at these meetings here.


Year 12 Parents'/Carers' Information Briefing: including an overview on University applications and progression opportunities




The link to submit your questions to us is here:


Year 13 Parents'/Carers' Information Briefing: Including Student Finance



Year 12 Parents'/Carers' Information Briefing: Curriculum, Pastoral and Progression 

Part 1



Part 2




Year 13 Parents'/Carers' Information Briefing: Curriculum and Pastoral