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Students' experience volunteering at Fareshare


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Part of the Sixth Form experience at Redcliffe is to be encouraged to take up volunteer roles which will provide an enriching experience as well as being able to give something to our local communities. We currently have students volunteering at Fareshare in Bristol. Here are two short perspectives of their time so far at Fareshare from our students:

Niall in Year 12:


At Fareshare, we re-box and repackage surplus food stock from supermarkets in a large warehouse near the back of Cabot Circus. This food is sorted into orders from different community centres and establishments around Bristol. The sorted orders are then redistributed back out to these community centres daily. It helps people because it is using food and drink produce that would usually just be thrown away or left to rot.  It helps people that cannot get or afford enough food and also means that schools and community centres don’t have to spend as much money on food, which can then be used to pay for other necessities.
When I volunteer at Fareshare, I’m gaining invaluable experience working for a good cause. It gives a better understanding of how the local community can be helped so easily and how giving back is a satisfying feeling.


Charlie in Year 12:


Fareshare makes a huge difference as it gives out food that would otherwise be wasted and gives it to the people that need it most. Huge amounts of food and drink arrive and leave the Fareshare warehouse every day, and not only does it highlight the amount of food waste from supermarkets, but it also helps thousands of people out in the process. From volunteering at Fareshare I have gained invaluable work-environment experience helping me to be more independent. It has also boosted my confidence in terms of getting a job in the future.

For more information about Fareshare have a look at their website.

For more information about our enrichment opportunities please have a look at our dedicated page.


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