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Students evidence they have qualities Mayor looks for in city leaders

As previously reported we have had two teams of students taking part in Bristol’s Community-Apprentice this year. This inter-school competition is a bit like The Apprentice on television.  Young people have to develop, and crucially demonstrate, skills and personal qualities whilst managing their own projects. In this case, however, young people compete to benefit the community, rather than make the most profit.

Our teams have worked really hard since September researching problems, identifying an issue, planning what to do about it and overcoming a range of problems to make it happen. On Thursday 29 June the Mayor invited all 21 teams taking part across Bristol to City Hall to celebrate their graduation from the programme. Collectively this year the teams have volunteered over 7,000 hours to help their communities. Addressing the students in our Boardroom Final film Mayor Marvin Rees said (watch the full video here:


“The good news is that you have all achieved… You have all demonstrated the kinds of qualities I look for in city leaders, the kind of people I want working alongside me”


Envision team photos


Taking action to benefit others
Team The Future reached over 600 students with their interactive quiz on money management and Team X + Y delivered a campaign using posters, merchandise and social media to raise awareness of sexual harassment. You can watch a short three minute film about their projects here and here

Due to their outstanding skills development on the programme The Future beat four other nominees to win the award for Communication at the Graduation event. Team X + Y were nominated for the Resilience and Problem Solving Award.


Evidencing employability skills
The teams have been supported by mentors from Clarke Willmott and their Envision Co-ordinator to develop the confidence and competencies they need to succeed in life over the course of the programme. Envision asked all the young Community-Apprentices on the programme to tell them how they felt they had develop, these were the results:


* 98% feel more confident as a result of being on the programme  

* 96% feel that they are better communicators  

* 95% feel that they have become better at team working  

* 94% say that they feel able to demonstrate the skills that employers are looking for  

* 96% intend to put Envision on their CV or UCAS form  

* 97% now believe that their actions can make a difference

Each student who graduated received a personalised reference written by their business mentors detailing the skills they had developed on the programme. Kate Gould from Clarke Willmott said:


The students really benefitted from the programme, they grew in confidence and having this experience to talk about at interviews/ application will be a definite advantage for them in the future.


Here is a set of images from the Graduation event:




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