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Redcliffe Student wins Management Undergraduate of the Year

 The Undergraduate of the Year Awards were set up to identify and celebrate the UK's best undergraduates in specific areas such as particular degree subjects (law, engineering etc), year group (first years) or other categories (future leaders, women, commercial excellence). 4000 students nationally applied for the awards, and to win one required a combination of academic excellence, the ability to pass a series of difficult online assessments, good written communication and finally the interpersonal skills necessary to compete with other students in assessments run by the sponsoring organisation.

Recent Redcliffe student George Fisher-Wilson is currently studying management studies at the University of Leicester, and applied for the 'Management' category of the awards. George is also the Vice President of the Leicester University Traders and Investors society and runs a small import business in his spare time. He is also employed by Vodafone as a sales advisor.

George writes "My award was sponsored by Enterprise Rent-a-car and I won a paid summer internship and a week in America with them. I first had to apply with some basic biographical information, then answer three questions which were basically sales and customer service based. After this I had a logical reasoning test, and scenario based tests. This lead to a phone interview, and then an assessment day in which I got to show off my debating skills which Redcliffe had definitely nurtured. We had to discuss different charity proposals that we were each assigned and then do a mock morning brief for staff. We were finally whittled down to 10 and invited to Canary Wharf for an awards dinner at which Trevor Mcdonald presented our awards."

None of George's teachers are remotely surprised.

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