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Inspiration put into action: Sanitary product collection

After reading stories in the news about girls as young as 10 skipping up to a week of school every month because they have their period and they can’t afford sanitary products, we decided we needed to do something active as well as raising awareness.

Collection of products


As leaders of the Feminist Society, we are well aware of the gender inequality in society today but had no idea of girls not being able to afford such a basic item as sanitary products is a problem in this country; charities like action aid who normally work with young girls in Africa facing period poverty have now directed their resources to Leeds to help girls facing the same problem.

We were further inspired by Amika George, a girl our age who is at the forefront of the campaign to fight period poverty. So we decided to organise a period product collection in Sixth Form, advertising it widely around the school and have been overwhelmed by the response. We have collected over a 100 packs of sanitary products throughout the week of the 8-12 of January which we have given to the local food bank to help women who can’t afford them.  Another major factor in us deciding to organise this collection was trying to reduce the taboo around periods which is extremely prevalent in everyday society especially at this age. By putting posters up all over Sixth Form and having the box in the common room, people were constantly reminded of period poverty and the collection which, along with donating made people more open to talking about it.

Members of the Feminist Society with colection
We will be organising another one next term so please keep giving and in the meantime don’t forget to keep donating to your local food bank collection points which can be found at most major supermarkets.


Mrs Williams

Sixth Form Pastoral & Enrichment Support Worker



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