In 1986, John Raymond Eachus, along with original trustees Kenneth Bartlett, Robin Duys and Peter Woolf established a charitable trust for the benefit of St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School.  Until 1992, the Funds capital growth each year was matched pound for pound by John James, the Bristol millionaire and a former scholar of this school and the fund now has over £498,000 invested.  One of the principles on which the Enabling Fund has been established is that only the income from investments would be used and not the capital.  The income each year is currently £20,000 - £25,000.

The purpose of the Enabling Fund is to support the advancement, education and wellbeing of our students and to enhance the academic and extra-curricular opportunities offered to all our students.  Disadvantage should not be a barrier to opportunity and to date; the Enabling Fund has supported many thousands of students.  Priority is always given to students in financial hardship.  Contributions to the Enabling Fund can be made via the School Support fund.

The Enabling Fund committee meet four times a year and the present committee serving as Trustees consists of the following members:


Mr Ian Morris   Ex Officio Trustee (Chair)
Mrs Helen Price   PTA Trustee (Secretary)
Mrs Lucy Brooks   PTA Trustee
Mrs Rachel Powlesland   PTA Trustee
Mrs Sam Carrier   PTA Trustee
Ms Julie Allison   Teacher Trustee
Miss Lynda Hynam   Treasurer and Administrator


All trip and activity letters advise parent and carers that financial assistance is available in cases of financial hardship and if you wish to apply for support you can download an application form here. Alternatively you can request an application form from Mrs Lynda Hynam via 0117 3772100 (ext 232), or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Once an application is received, Trustees’ will look at applications and parents and carers will receive written confirmation advising them of the Trustees’ decision.  We aim to complete this process within two weeks of receiving an application but this may take longer during busier times.


For a breakdown of how the Enabling Fund income supports our students each academic year please see the attachments below.

Charitable Trust No: 294926