Life always throws up some problems that we do our best to cope with, but sometimes it becomes too much to cope with alone.


As a young person - what can you do?

Talk to somebody about your problem, your parent/carers, a member of staff, or a helpline. Just talking often helps, and if it's a problem at school, members of staff can often solve the problem.

With any school problem, your first point of contact would normally be your Tutor or Head of House, but any member of staff can be approached.


There are drop in sessions with Ali Keen the school counsellor in her room on the other side of the stairs to A10. Sessions run on Tuesday lunchtimes (from March 10 2020) and timeslots are available on her door.

If you don't feel able to talk to somebody you know, the phone numbers in your planner, or the information below may be of help.  


For parents/carers and young people


We have provided information areas for young people and parents/carers. We hope these are a useful signpost to some of the best resources and places of support available, grouped for you under easily-identifiable headings. Please click below. 



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