School Leadership Team



Mr D Planter

Deputy Head
Behaviour, Inclusion, and Ethos

Mr S Shaw

Deputy Head
Curriculum, Standards, and Outcomes

Mr I Taylor

Assistant Head
Assessment and Raising Standards

Ms E Cottell

Assistant Head
Community Engagement, Personal Development, and Faith

Mrs K Duzniak

Assistant Head
Staff Development and Assuring Quality

Miss D Good

Assistant Head
Safeguarding, Attendance, and Wellbeing

Mr A Thomas-White

Assistant Head
Sixth Form Provision and External Exams

Mr R Wheeler

School Business Manager

Mr I Morris


Heads of House


Liddell House

Dr D Wilson

Franklin House

Miss A Ainsworth

Johnson House

Mr J Mansell

Equiano House

Mr J Hare

Müller House

Mr J Pike


Sixth Form


Head of Sixth Form

Mr R Wheeler

Head of Year 12

Miss H Foster

Head of Year 13

Mr R Shaw

Learning Support  


Mrs P Whittaker

Deputy SENCos

Miss A Mullins

  Mrs M Parsons
Other Key Contacts  
School Counsellor

Mrs L Tredget

Learning Mentors

Mrs K Elphinstone

  Miss R Lee

Miss H Scott


Miss S Simms


Mr J Wallen

Attendance Officers

Mrs S Moore-Jones (Mon, Tues, Wed)


Mrs T Lukins (Wed, Thu, Fri)

  Ms A Owen (Sixth Form)

School Nurse

Ms G Johnson

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs S Josham

School Chaplain

Mr E Aidoo