A number of Bristol primary and secondary schools are linked with schools in the Masindi area of Uganda. We are partnered with Ikoba Secondary School, a small, poor Church of Uganda-sponsored rural girls school, about 30 minutes drive out of Masindi. It has four main year-groups at present, S1-S4 (Years 8-11 equivalent), with a growing sixth form (S5 and 6). Students are prepared for the equivalent of GCSEs and A-levels (examined in English). Most of the students board (this is usual in Uganda). Madame Ruth is the Headteacher, Chaplain Fred is the Partnership Co-Ordinator.

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Our partnership started in 2006. We received a DFID (government) grant to support teacher and student visits each year and to develop some curriculum projects on ‘sustainability’. This led to some exciting joint work in Science, Art, Textiles and Geography, for example. Students in Uganda love writing letters and a number of lasting friendships have started through this route. We received three years of ‘Connecting Classrooms’ grants from the British Council. 

Personal, school, faith and community relationships lie at the heart of the partnership. Many of us at the ‘richer’ school have found that Ikoba has a real wealth of faith, commitment, warmth, community and enthusiasm that is humbling. Consequently, as we develop the partnership, we want to keep the reciprocal visits at the heart of what we do, despite the high cost of such visits.

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More than thirty staff from each school have made a visit. Over thirty SMRT students, including some on a World Challenge expedition, have experienced Uganda and twelve Ugandan students have braved Bristol culture and weather. Two SMRT ‘gap year’ students have spent three months living at Ikoba school this has led to a real deepening of the relationship and to Skype conversations.

We have established links at all sorts of levels in addition.  Our Friends of SMRT (Parents’ Association) and some teachers, students and churches are sponsoring needy children to go through the school, including some from the troubled areas in the north of the country. We are delighted also to support and be supported by Bristol Diocese’s Uganda links. SMRT Governors are funding a substantial annual project at Ikoba. Müller House traditionally supports the equivalent of 'free school meals' at Ikoba each year.

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2016 saw the tenth anniversary of the partnership.  We raised £10K between the schools for the tenth anniversary, for a sports pitch and a brass band at Ikoba. @ikobaTENsmrt on Twitter has all the details. A photobook of the first ten years was produced.

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We have publicised and fundraised in a number of ways, including a CD, a joint calendar, wristbands, Harvest sponsored sporting events and a Words of Wisdom joint booklet. We would be delighted if you wanted to join in with any aspect of our partnership.

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Karuna Duzniak (Assistant Headteacher) on behalf of the SMRT/Ikoba partnership.

For further information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or visit Facebook group, Friends of Ikoba School, Uganda.