As explained at our Induction Day we are asking students who are joining Year 12 in September to complete a short task for each of the AS Levels they will be studying. This is to be brought to their first lesson in the subject. With the exception of Maths, these tasks should not take more than a couple of hours or so each, and students should not feel under any pressure to over-do it and write lots when they should be enjoying their well-earned summer break. In principle (apart from Maths) these could reasonably be done during the two Staff Training days at the start of term before you enrol.

The purpose of them is (i) to check that you definitely know what you are signing up for before you commit to it, and (ii) to give your teacher an early indication of your capacities. If you are considering an alternative subject that you should have a look at that task as well so that you know what you would be letting yourself in for. In the case of Maths there is a big step from GCSE to A Level and it is very important that the Higher Tier material from GCSE is secure if you are going to cope well with the early A Level material. The transition task therefore provides a way for you to work out where your strengths and weaknesses are and to get on top of this GCSE material, which you will be tested on shortly after you arrive. Some students will therefore need to spend longer on it than others. For those of you who get a grade 6 at Maths GCSE this Summer, this material and the practice test within it is what you need to be ready for your Maths test on Thursday 30 August enrolment day which will tell us whether you have the skills to cope with Maths at A Level.


Remember that after you receive your GCSE results you also need to enrol online, and, if you need a fuller discussion, come in on Thursday 30 August between 10:00am and 1:00pm.


Below you will find the transition tasks for 2018 entrants.