Unfortunately we were not able to have our on-site Induction Day as planned this July, but to enable you to feel a bit more confident that you know what to expect, we have produced this video which covers some of the material which we would have shared on that day:



Next is a video involving some of our students giving you a tour of the site and following shortly there will be a welcome booklet produced by our students.



If you currently have an offer of a place at St Mary Redcliffe and Temple Sixth Form, then following release of your GCSE results on Thursday 12th August, you should complete our online enrolment form to confirm whether or not you still wish to take up your place. This should be done by 9:00am on Monday 23 August via this link:




If you do not wish to take up your place then it would be very helpful if you let us know this as soon as possible by completing only the first section of the enrolment form, but if you do not enrol by the deadline above then we will presume that you do not want your place and may allocate it to another applicant.

If you have achieved your required grades and are happy with your subject choices OR wish to request a simple subject swap then enrolment through the on-line form is sufficient. We will respond by email to confirm any change requests.


You will then be directed to attend on either Monday 6th or Tuesday 7th September to complete a safety briefing, have a proper walk around the site, finalise your timetable and have some further induction.


Monday 6th September - 9am (surnames A-C), 12.30pm (surnames D-J)
Tuesday 7th September - 9am (surnames K-Q), 12.30pm (surnames R-Z)


Lessons will then start on Thursday 9th September, when you should arrive at the 6th Form Centre ready for your first lesson.


If you have not achieved your grades but wish to talk about your situation OR you are looking to make more complex changes to your programme then you should still complete the online enrolment but also respond to the question requesting a personal conversation. You should do this by Wednesday 18th August. We will then call you or set up a video call during that week.

When we know exactly who has enrolled and what their grades are we will know whether there are any students whose fourth subject we may not be able to accommodate and resolve any students who are on a waiting list. You will find this out by email if such a decision is necessary.

If you are on a waiting list for a place at the 6th form then feel free to complete the form so that we have a record of your GCSE grades and we will get back to you with news after Wednesday 25th August.

If you want to study a Maths A Level and do not achieve the 7 in GCSE Maths which this requires, or want to study a Science A Level and no not achieve the 6 in GCSE Science and Maths which these require, then you will need to take our subject skills test which will check out whether you have the level of ability to make the step up to A Level feasible. You should indicate your desire to do this in the appropriate question on the pre-enrolment form. These will be carried out during our INSET Day on Thursday 2nd August and we will get back to you with details on when and where you should report. You will find materials to support you in feeling prepared for this within the transition tasks on our website. Remember that the alternative for Maths students is to switch to the ‘Maths Studies’ AS Level over two years (see our prospectus for details).