At Key Stage 3 all students study English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education, Geography, Design Technology, History, French or Spanish, Art, Computing, Music, Physical Education and Values Education, including: Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Careers Education (PSHCE). For further details of the Values in Practice curriculum please see this overview. Key Stage 3 covers the first three years at the School. This is because we value a broad and balanced curriculum and believe that our students should be studying a wide range of subjects for as long as possible before making choices for Key Stage 4. Keeping a three year KS3, rather than rushing to start GCSEs early, allows us the space and time to develop the skills and explore the values of the ALIVE model. It also maintains as broad a curriculum as possible until students are old enough to make mature decisions about options choices for KS4 that will shape their future.


We take careful note of Key Stage 2 results and other information from primary schools as well as performing our own baseline assessments. There is some setting in year 7 in Maths and, additionally, in year 8 there is banding in Science and Modern Foreign Languages. Parents/carers are advised within our Parent Handbook of the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education and Relationships and Sex Education lessons.


Subjects at Key Stage 3

Futher information on our Key Stage 3 subjects can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails below.



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