At Key Stage 4, the majority of students follow courses that generally lead to nine GCSEs (or their equivalent).

Most students take: English (Language and Literature), Mathematics, Double Science and Religious Education. There are also non-examined lessons in Physical Education and Values in Practice (PSHEE, Careers, Values and Citizenship Education). For further details of the Values in Practice curriculum please see this overview.

Additional GCSE choices are made from History, Geography, Triple Science, French, German, Computer Science, Design Technology (including Product Design, Food Technology or Textiles Technology), Art, Photography, Music, PE, ICT, Business Studies, Media Studies, Drama, Health and Social Care, Child Development.

A range of vocational options is also available for some students, including Vocational Studies, BTECs in Animal Care, Catering & Hospitality, Construction, Engineering and Caring for Children.

Students in Year 10 receive a booklet of coursework and homework information for the GCSE courses and this can be viewed here. The 2017-2019 booklet, relevant to Year 11 students, can be viewed here. For further information on coursework and homework at Key Stage 4, see our Homework page.

Assessment Schedules
The following tables show the planned schedule for assessments in year 10 and year 11. Please note that these are for guidance and the exact assessment periods for some subjects may change, particularly for subjects in which different teaching groups do assessments at different times.


Year 10 Schedule

  Year 11 Schedule
Download the Year 10 schedule   Download the Year 11 schedule

The Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable
The Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable will be published when it is available on the Exams page.

Moodle - VLE
In addition to other learning resources, our Moodle VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) has revision pages for GCSE subjects.  The pages contain information about the exams, links to past exams paper questions, revision materials, advice on planning and managing revision and lots more to support students.  Students can log-on to Moodle at home using the same username and password that they use in school.