At Key Stage 3 all students study English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education, Geography, Design Technology, History, French, Spanish or German, Art, Computer Science, Music, Physical Education and Values Education, including: Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Careers Education (PSHCE). For further details of the Values in Practice curriculum please see this overview. Key Stage 3 covers the first three years at the School. This is because we value a broad and balanced curriculum and believe that our students should be studying a wide range of subjects for as long as possible before making choices for Key Stage 4. As with all areas of school life, teaching and learning is under-pinned by our ALIVE values (see link on the front page). Keeping a three year KS3, rather than rushing to start GCSEs early, allows us the space and time to develop the skills and explore the values of the ALIVE model. It also maintains as broad a curriculum as possible until students are old enough to make mature decisions about options choices for KS4 that will shape their future. Our values are worked out in how subjects are taught. For example, we take opportunities to focus on ‘I value justice and respect’ in Geography and History and on ‘I can communicate’ in all subjects, particularly in English and Languages.

We take careful note of Key Stage 2 results and other information from primary schools. There is some setting in year 7 in Maths and, additionally, in year 8 there is banding in Science, English and Modern Foreign Languages. Parents/carers are advised within our Parent Handbook of the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education and Relationships and Sex Education lessons.


Assessment at KS3
When students enter St Mary Redcliffe & Temple School, we use their average KS2 scores together with other data to estimate a range of grades that they should be aiming towards by the end of Year 11 when they sit their GCSEs. A guide to these target ranges of GCSE grades is shown in the following table:


  Average KS2 Score      GCSE Target Range   
 80-90  2-4
 91-95  3-5
 96-101  4-6
 102-107  5-7
 108-115  7-9
 116-120  8-9


For students in Years 7, 8 and 9, subject teachers will assess students’ progress in classwork, assessments and tests and check whether each student is on track for their target range of grades. On reports and grade sheets during the year, subject teachers will record a Progress Grade to inform students and their parents/carers whether they are on track or whether they are making more or less progress than would be expected. 


The Progress Grades range from 1 to 4 as follows:

Progress Grade 1 - Making excellent progress: showing the potential to exceed their targets at GCSE;

Progress Grade 2 - Making good progress: on track to hit their targets for GCSE;

Progress Grade 3 - Making some progress: moving forward in their learning, but more slowly than would be needed to achieve their targets for GCSE / with the potential to make faster progress;

Progress Grade 4 - Making little progress: very likely to fall below targets for GCSE and current work is showing little development from previous assessments.

So, for example, a student who is getting Progress Grade 2 for all of their subjects is on track to achieve GCSE grades in the target range indicated against their average KS2 score in the table above.


Subjects at Key Stage 3

Futher information on our Key Stage 3 subjects can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails below. 


English Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics 

Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics 

Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics 



Assessment Schedules

The following tables show the planned schedule for assessments in years 7, 8 and 9. Please note that these are for guidance and the exact assessment periods for some subjects may change, particularly for subjects in which different teaching groups do assessments at different times.

Year 7 schedule   Year 8 schedule
Download the Year 7 schedule   Download the Year 8 schedule
Year 9 schedule    
Download the Year 9 schedule    




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