The purpose of assessment is to ensure students in each year group understand whether they are making expected progress in a subject and know what they need to do to improve. As subject specialists, each department has its own carefully considered approach to assessment and these are captured in the information on individual subjects below. All teachers are expected to:


• Use formative assessment to provide regular feedback to students so they are clear on how to improve in each lesson and use this information to inform teaching. Where appropriate, they should use summative assessment to make an accurate and informed judgement about students’ progress at a maximum of three points during the academic year.


• Use a range of questioning techniques to check students’ understanding and to identify and correct any mistakes.


• Help students to plan, organise and review their work, including responses to summative assessment. Ensure the students know what they need to revise for any assessment or exam and that they know how to revise effectively for this subject and provide regular opportunities to use and develop retrieval strategies. 


Each time we these assessments take place, the data is analysed by the Sixth Form Leadership Team and appropriate interventions are then put in place to support students.


Outside of parent and carers evenings and reports, we welcome contact from parents and carers. If you are concerned about your child's progress in a particular subject you should contact the relevant subject teacher in the first instance. If your concerns are across a range of subjects you should contact their tutor.

Assessment in each Subject
Click on a subject below to find detailed information about how we measure progress and feedback to students in books, in class and for homework.



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AS Level Options

This document explains which subjects can be taken at AS Level within our Sixth Form:

AS Level Options at Sixth Form