As at Key Stages 3 and 4, our Key Stage 5 curriculum is designed to equip students with the key knowledge and skills that will lead to success within each subject specialism and in their later life but also to develop our range of Alive values, skills and attributes which allow each individual to develop their unique gifts to the fullest extent and to benefit from a learning experience which is greater than the sum of its parts: a human being “fully alive”.

As with all areas of school life, teaching and learning is under-pinned by our ALIVE values and in particular the value we place on diversity and choice. As a result of this commitment we aim to offer as wide a range of A Level courses as possible.


Detailed information about each subject is below.


ArtBiologyBusiness StudiesChemistry

Classical CivilisationsComputer ScienceComputer ScienceDTDT

EconomicsEnglishEng Lan LitEnglish LitFilm

FrenchGeographyGermanHistoryHealth and Social Care

ScienceMathsMedia StudiesMusicMusic Tech





Subject Options

The documents below enable you to see which subject combinations are possible within the Sixth Form curriculum. This subject matrix changes each year as we build our option blocks around student choices. In the matrix we try to accommodate almost all of the subject combinations for which students apply. You can choose only one subject from each block, although many subjects appear in more than one block. Most students do four subjects in Year 12 and three in Year 13, with the potential addition of our supplementary qualifications which are Mathematical Studies or the Extended Project qualification in Year 13.


Our Core, Extension and Pastoral programmes provide a broad coverage of personal, social, health and relationships education, in addition to the political awareness and thinking skills to be fully engaged global citizens, and preparing students for the wide range of progression opportunities post-18. Through these programmes and our one-to-one support of students they are encouraged to develop the ALIVE qualities which include the transferable skills required by HE and the world of work, to contribute to the school and wider community through volunteering, and to actively engage through seminars and practical experience with the world of work.


Options Matrix for the current academic year (2022-23)

Options Matrix for the forthcoming academic year (2023-24)


Subject Leaflets

Each year we produce promotional leaflets for each subject offered in the Sixth Form. The subject leaflets for the 2023 enrolment are available here


AS Level Options

This document explains which subjects can be taken at AS Level within our Sixth Form:

AS Level Options at Sixth Form